Baby & Preschool

Swim school baby

Wavebreakers Swim School offers a range of classes suitable for children 6 months – 4 years old.

Adult & Baby (6 months–4 years)

Using a combination of songs, games and structured play our professionally qualified swim teachers will help you to guide your child through their first aquatic experiences.

Pre-school (4–5 years)

Your child is now ready to experience being independent in the pool. Small classes and friendly, caring swim teachers will ensure your child has a positive learning experience. Four ability levels catering for the inexperienced beginner to the confident swimmer.

All lessons cover the following areas:

  • Water familiarisation – developing confidence, encouraging safe exploration and gaining basic breath control.
  • Basic skills – teaching balanced movement, flotation, kicking and the basis of swimming strokes.
  • Water safety – developing parent/caregiver awareness of water safety issues.

For health reasons, all toddlers under 4 years are required to wear waterproof nappies when in the pool.