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Swim school school aged

Our experienced instructors provide quality swimming tuition for all ages and abilities. Our classes are very popular and excellent value for money, so classes fill up fast, be sure to book your child’s place early. Feel free to speak to us to find out more.



• Safe entry and exit.

• Submerge confidently, eyes open, blowing bubbles for a count of 3.

• Unassisted front float

• Unassisted back float

• Unassisted streamline glide

• Unassisted streamline back glide

• Bunny hops across the pool for 5 metres, submerging between jumps.

• Unassisted monkey crawl using the wall or bar.

• Demonstrate action for getting help.

• Show an understanding of pool safety rules.


• Unassisted dolphin kick for 5 metres

• Unassisted streamline kick for 5 metres

• Unassisted streamline back kick for 5 metres

• Unassisted Scull on back for 5 metres

• Mushroom float with a count of 5.

• Rotate using a log roll glide and kick, front to back, back to front.

• Jump in from side, upon surfacing, return to poolside and climb out.


• 10 metres streamline front kick.

• 10 metres basic freestyle arms and kick

• 10 metres back kick

• 10 metres basic backstroke (with aid if required)

• 10 metres using a breaststroke type action on back (aids may be used)

• Perform a sequence of 3 changing shapes while floating.

• Tread water using a breaststroke or bicycle kick leg action (aids may be used).

• Perform a sitting dive and glide.


• 15 metre front kick with roll to breath

• 15 metre freestyle with bilateral breathing

• 15 metre streamlined back kick

• 15 metre backstroke with correct timing and arm recovery

• 15 metre Breaststroke kick on front

• 15 metre dolphin kick

• 15 metre scull feet first and headfirst

• Travel on back and roll in one continuous movement onto front. Backstroke to Freestyle.

• Travel on front and roll in one continuous movement onto back. Freestyle to Backstroke.


• 30 metres freestyle

• 30 metres backstroke

• 30 metres Breaststroke Kick

• 15 metres breaststroke with introduction to coordination

• 30 metres dolphin kick with scull

• Back float into a headfirst scull for 5 metres then change into a feet first scull for 5 metres.

• Perform a somersault (front and back roll)

• Tread water with a relaxed breaststroke or bicycle kick and sculling arms and asking for help.


• 60 metres freestyle

• 60 metres backstroke

• 30 metres breaststroke with coordination

• Butterfly with introduction to rhythmical breaths an arms

• Sink, push off the side, glide kick and rotate into freestyle.

• Jump in, tread water for 30 seconds, then swim forward for 15 metres (without touching the pool floor).

• Surface dive from swimming breaststroke and swim underwater for 5 metres


• 100 meters freestyle

• 100 meters backstroke

• 50 meters breaststroke

• 25 metres butterfly teaching proper arm and breathing technique.

• 200 metres Survival Swim

• Introduction to pace clock

• Introduction to DPS

• Show an understanding of dives and turns.

• Enter water, tread water or stationary scull for 1 minute before swimming 50 metres passing through a submerged hoop and exit without help.


Ages 5 years plus require a in-water assessment, unless they cannot float on their back unaided then a verbal assessment is required. Please complete the enquiry form below and we will get back to you. Alternatively call us on 04 527 2113 for further information.  

Class operating times:

Monday - Friday  3.30 pm till 6.00 pm 

Saturday 9am - 12.15pm and Sundays 9.45am am till 12.15 pm

Term fees are required in full upon booking. All classes are currently run at Trentham School pool are $11.50 per lesson. An average 10 week term is $115.00. 


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