School Aged

Swim school school aged

Our qualified and professional instructors provide quality swimming tuition for all ages and abilities. Our classes are very popular and excellent value for money, so classes fill up fast, be sure to book your child’s place early. Feel free to speak to us to find out more.

Wavebreakers levels

  • Starfish – for new learners, children needing improvement in confidence, floating and submerging skills in deeper water.
  • Jellyfish – for children who can float and submerge in deeper water. Introduction to movement fundamentals and basic water safety skills.
  • Seahorse – for children who can float, push and glide from the side and travel on front and back. Introduction to swimming strokes and treading water.
  • Seals – for children who can push/glide, kick and swim 3 metres front and back. Extension of strokes and breathing skills. Introduction to basic diving and rescue skills.
  • Marlin – for children who can swim 5 metres freestyle and backstroke and basic breaststroke co-ordination. Course focus is on balance, streamlining and breathing development.
  • Sharks – for children who can swim 8 metres of freestyle breathing to the side, 8 metres backstroke and 5 metres basic breaststroke. Lesson focus is on building distance with stroke development and further personal survival skills.
  • Dolphins – for children who swim 25 metres without pause and show 15 metres rhythmic with breathing, 15 metres backstroke and 10 metres breaststroke. Stroke development with introduction to butterfly and tumble turns. Strong personal survival experiences. Includes Swim for Life 200 metre certification.