We are currently operating public swimming at specific times at Fulton Pool, Lane Street, Upper Hutt. This facility has the following access for customers:

  • Level access to the main entrance via a ramp. 
  • Ladder into the pool on one side and steps on the other side.
  • A disability entry fee of $3.10.
Getting Here

H2O Xtream is located on the corner of Blenheim and Brown Streets next to Whirinaki Whare Taonga. The closest bus stops are on Blenheim Street and approximately 5–minute walk from Upper Hutt train station. 

There are two accessible car parks outside the front entrance of the facility, this is for mobility parking permit holders only. The carpark is public parking and free with time limits up to 120 minutes. 

Sensory Hour

Following advice from the experts at Life Unlimited our Sensory Hour offers a more relaxed experience for anyone who prefers quieter environment, including Autistic and neurodiverse people . Sensory Hour is every Thursday morning 9.00-10.00am  (and Friday 7.00-9.00pm for a 10 week pilot, 6.5.22 – 15.7.22). We do not take school or group bookings during this time to ensure the noise is reduced on top of turning down sirens and music.



Facility Map

See a facility map below to understand the layout of the facility ahead of your visit.  

Social Story

For a guide to visiting H2O Xtream, including what to expect on a visit.


H2O Xtream a is big building and opens at 5.30am Monday to Friday and 8am on weekends. 
When you arrive you will enter through the building entrance at the carpark.
You will walk through two sets of automatic glass doors.


Front Desk

Once you have entered the building you will arrive at the front desk and be greeted by the Customer Service Staff.
They are here to help you if you need.
Here you can pay for your entry or scan your concession card.
We ask that you do not eat before your swim and no glass is taken into the main pool area.
There is an accessible toilet near the front desk.


Helpful Staff

There is always a staff member on the front desk to help you if you need.
There are also Lifeguard staff around the main pool area who can help you.
They are happy to answer any questions you might have.
The staff might not always be the same.


Changing Rooms

After paying or scanning at the front desk you will head through to the changing rooms.
Use the changing room that best fits your needs or gender identity, there individual family changing rooms, a women's changing room and a men's changing room. 
All changing rooms have plenty of space for you to get changed and shower before swimming.
There are also toilets in the women's and men's changing rooms but not the family changing rooms.

Cubbies and Lockers

There are cubbies outside of each of the changing rooms in the main pool area where you can leave your bag while you swim.
There are also lockers that require a $2 coin if you have valuables like your wallet and phone. 
If you need help with the lockers be sure to ask one of the helpful staff.


Leisure Pool

The leisure pool goes from a very shallow beach area to the deepest area 1.8 metres.
There are many features in this pool, river ride, toddler pool, water features and waves. 
The waves and river ride are turned on for Saturday and Sunday swim sessions. 


Lane Pool

The lane pool is 1.2 metres deep.
You can get in using the two ladders at each end of the pool or the entrance from the leisure pool.
In the lane pool you can swim lengths or walk up and down. 



There are three slides at H2O Xtream, they are called Icy Blue, Darkness Falls and Xtream Speed.
You will need a slide pass to use the slides and it costs $4.
The entrance to the slides are at the top of the slide tower, there are 30 steps to the top  and an additional 9 steps to Darkness Falls.
You might have to wait in a line for your turn. One person can go down each slide at one time. 


Spa, Sauna and Steam room

There is spa pool, sauna and steam room, you must be 16 years old.
You should drink lots of water and take breaks every 15 minutes.
If you are pregnant, have a serious illness, heart or respiratory condition, high or low blood pressure, or any other medical condition, please check with a medical professional before use.


Leaving H2O Xtream

When you are ready to leave H2O Xtream, collect your belongings from the cubbies or lockers. 
Then head back into the changing rooms, shower and change back into your clothes.
When leaving the changing rooms you will come back out to the front desk area and exit through the front entrance.



Thank you for visiting H2O Xtream, we hope to see you again soon!