Early childhood & Preschool

Swim school baby

Our Swim School offers a range of classes suitable for children 6 months – 5 years old. We are currently running our lessons at Trentham School Pool & Squad at Stokes Valley Pool. Bookings required. 

Early childhood (6 months – 3.5 years)

Structured play to improve confidence and technique.

Pipis (6-14 months)

• Assisted entry and exit

• Assisted front float.

• Assisted back float with roll over.

• Assisted monkey wall.

• Assisted sitting dives.

• Submerging happily from water being poured with conditioning for breath control.

Tadpoles (12 months-24 months)

• Submerge under the water with conditioning for breath control.

• Assisted front float and kick.

• Assisted back float and kick.

• Unassisted monkey wall

• Independent sitting dives with roll over to back

• Assisted swim to adult.

Ducks (2 years to 3 years)

• Unassisted entry and exit.

• Unassisted front float

• Unassisted back float

• Assisted back kick.

• Paddle and kick independently to parent or back to wall

• Assisted sitting dives turn and paddle back to the wall.

• Unassisted picking objects of pool floor with bubbles

Angelfish (2.5 years to 4 years)

• Unassisted entry and exit.

• Unassisted front kick

• Unassisted back kick

• Unassisted sitting dives turn and paddle back across pool.

• Unassisted Doggy paddle

• Unassisted Pindrop in turn around and bounce back to wall.

• Unassisted bunny hops

Pre-school ( 3.5 – 5 years)

 Structured play to improve confidence and technique.

Octopus 1 (3.5 years to 5 years)

• Independent entry and exit.

• Submerge confidently, eyes open, blowing bubbles for a count of 3.

• Unassisted front float

• Unassisted back float

• Unassisted streamline glide

• Unassisted streamline back glide

• Bunny hop for 3 metres.

Octopus 2 (3.5 year to 5 years)

• Submerge confidently, using a duck dive, pick up two objects off the floor.

• Kicking front for 3 metres

• Kicking back for 3 metres (with aid if required)

• Dolphin kick for 3 metres

• Doggy paddle

• Mushroom float with a count of 5.

• Rotate using a log roll glide, front to back, back to front.

• Jump in from side, upon surfacing, return to poolside and climb out.

• Introduction to breaststroke kick aided.

Octopus 3 (3.5 years to 5 years)

• 5 meters freestyle kick

• 5 metres freestyle with attempted arm strokes

• 5 metre back kick unaided.

• Back scull for 5 metres

• Dolphin kick for 5 metres

• Perform a dolphin dive motion for 5 metres.

• Perform a sequence of 3 changing shapes while floating.

• Perform a sitting dive and glide.

• Show an understanding of pool safety rules.

All lessons cover the following areas:

  • Water familiarisation – developing confidence, encouraging safe exploration and gaining basic breath control.
  • Basic skills – teaching balanced movement, flotation, kicking and the basis of swimming strokes.
  • Water safety – developing parent/caregiver awareness of water safety issues.

For health reasons, all toddlers under 4 years are required to wear waterproof nappies when in the pool.


Ages 6 months to 5 years of age require a verbal assessment with parent / caregiver. Please complete the enquiry form below and we will be in touch or call 04 5272113.

Classes operate,

Saturdays and Sundays between 8.00 am and 2.30 pm

Lessons operated by H2O at Trentham School Pool during the closure of our facility are $11.50 per lesson. An average 10 week term is $115.00. Full term payment is required upon booking.

Pool Closure LTS

We are running Learn to Swim during the upgrade at Trentham School Pool & Squad at Stokes Valley. Bookings are required.