Birthday Parties


Party at Fulton Pool for your next Birthday!!

H2O Xtream Birthday Parties at Fulton Pool For ages 5 to 13 (max capacity 10 kids)


pool entry applies

Adult : $4

Child: $3

Under 5: $1.50

Seating area/Party room fee $20 (second hour)


No food or drinks poolside at any time.

Food and drinks only to be consumed in the seating area after swimming, in line with our policy Shower, Swim, Snack.

Party room must be cleaned by booked person before leaving, rubbish bins are provided.

Any food, drinks and required paper plates and cups or decorations to be supplied by customer not supplied by H2O Xtream.

Session days & times * 

Friday 7-9pm

Saturday 3-5pm

Sunday 3-5pm

Only one party booking per session, Maximum 10 children per party booking.

*Booking for Birthday Parties is not a private booking for the whole facility.

Book your party here

T&C's available on request


  • Payment must be made in full on arrival.

Food on poolside

• Food can only be consumed in our designated food area/Party space off poolside.

• Swimmers can only eat at the end of their swim, this is to stop faecal and vomit episodes.


• All swimmers are encouraged to have a shower before entering the pool

• Please ensure all young children go to the toilet before entering the water.

Please note that we will confirm your booking by email.

Please remember that we require the following child to adult ratios:

• Under 5s – one adult to two under 5s. The adult must be in the water within arm’s reach at all times

• 5 – 8 years old's – one adult to four children aged 5 -8.