Shower, Swim Snack


The H2O Facility is currently closed for a major upgrade and we are currently running public swimming at Fulton Pool, Lane Street, Upper Hutt.

Shower. Swim. Snack - We ask that you follow this rule at the facility.


Why do I need to shower before I swim?

 Every person has organic matter on them from sweating, working, cosmetics etc. Having a shower before swimming will reduce the amount of organic matter entering the water.

Why do I need to go to the toilet before I swim?

 If people go to the toilet before they swim it will reduce the accidental release of urine and faecal matter into the pool.

Why have these changes been brought in?

Work Safe informed us we must lower the release of chloramines into the water at H2O Xtream. Chlorine is used in pools to kill germs, it attacks organic matter that swimmers bring into pools (for example, sweat, cosmetics and urine) and creates a by-product called chloramines. By reducing the amount of organic matter in the water we lower chloramines.


How long should I wait to swim after eating?

30 minutes minimum.

Why do I have to eat at the end of my visit?

Eating during a swim increases the risk of faecal and vomit incidents (i.e. weekend parties). People need to allow at least 30 minutes after eating before they swim. People eating greasy food will obviously get contaminants on the hands and face and it will wash off in the water.


What if I have booked a party?

If a party has been booked food is still only permitted in designated areas and eating needs to  be at the end of your session.